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Begin with NIMICT's Diagnostic Tools:

Budget and Trial Mechanics

We often only think about budget in the beginning of a trial. NIMICT outlines budgeting considerations and important trial mechanics throughout the entire study.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships can improve your trial in significant ways. NIMICT highlights the importance of engaging patients, families, and community advocates throughout the research process.

Communication Techniques

Communication with your participants but also your study team members can make or break your trial. NIMICT explains how to effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders.


Recruitment/enrollment practices pave the way to a successful clinical trial. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes that more than 80% of clinical trials in the U.S. fail to meet their recruitment timelines. NIMICT outlines best practices to avoid this!


If patients are not retained, then all of your hard work is in jeopardy. NIMICT includes best practices to ensure patient retention.

New Coordinator Training

Sometimes it takes more time to on-board new staff members than expected. NIMICT created helpful questions, checklists, and tips to make this process easier for the new hire and the trainers.

Promotional Materials

Why re-invent the wheel? NIMICT organized existing promotional materials.