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Social Support for Participating in Clinical Trials

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4 Tips to Talking to Friends and Family Members about Clinical Research Trials


  1. Meet with your Physician

-Meet with your physician to discuss both current treatment options and clinical trial options.

-Review the potential risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial and bring up any concerns you may have.


  1. Bring a Family Member or Friend

-When you meet with your physician, it can be helpful to bring a family member or friend along. This person can provide another point of view and may come up with additional questions to ask during the visit.


  1. Talk about it

-Once you feel that you have gathered enough information about participating in a clinical trial, talk about it!

-Consider discussing what you’ve learned and how you are feeling with your doctor, nurse, family members, caregivers, religious or spiritual leaders, and friends. Speaking to other patients who have been in a clinical trial can also be helpful.


  1. Be honest and open

-After you make the decision to participate in a clinical trial, speak with your family members and friends about it.

-They may be concerned and have questions. Talk openly about your decision.

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