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Recruitment and Retention

NIMICT's Resource Collection

Recruitment and Retention Best Practices

  • Format: PDF
[cm_tooltip_parse]Beth D. Harper, MBA's two pieces exploring recruitment and retention best practices[/cm_tooltip_parse]

Enhancing Patient Participation

ENAACT five steps
  • Source: ENAACT
  • Condition: Cancer
  • Format: PDF
[cm_tooltip_parse]ENAACT provides strategies and “Lessons from the Field” on best practices for successful patient engagement and accrual to cancer clinical trials.  This 42-page guide explores building relationships, identifying patients, approaching patients, enrolling interested patients, and retaining patients. Although this guide and workbook focus on cancer clinical trials, much of the information is applicable to neurological clinical trial research as well.[/cm_tooltip_parse]

Recruitment Practices

research subject recruitment
  • Source: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore
  • Condition: All
  • Format: PDF
[cm_tooltip_parse]"Clinical Trials Where World Class Care Begins Research Subject Recruitment" highlights four key areas to promote clinical trials and to enhance research subject recruitment.[/cm_tooltip_parse]

Key Strategies for Minority Involvement

  • Source: NIA
  • Condition: Neurological
  • Format: Website
[cm_tooltip_parse]Article on minority recruitment providing key strategies to increase minority involvement in clinical research and how to translate general principles into specific strategies  [/cm_tooltip_parse]
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