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5 Tips For Effective Patient/Physician Communication

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5 Tips for Effective Patient/Physician Communication

#1 Make a List

Before the doctor arrives, make a list of questions and symptoms to discuss.


#2 Be Honest

Talk about all of your problems and concerns with your doctor so that he or she can accurately gauge your situation. He/she is not there to judge you, rather to help you get better!


#3 Be in Control

If you are confused or want to ask questions, tell the doctor to slow down.

Remember: You are in control of the speed of your visit!


#4 Be a Good Listener

Clarify your questions in the hospital. If other questions come up after you are discharged, don't be afraid to call your doctor!


#5 Ask Questions

Before you are discharged, make sure that you understand everything you need to do once you return home.


When Talking with your physician, remember to:

  1. Make a List
  2. Be Honest
  3. Be in Control
  4. Be a Good Listener
  5. Ask Questions
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