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For Older Adults

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NIH's Senior Health: Participating in Clinical Trials

NIH senior health
  • Source: NIH
  • Condition: All
  • Format: Website
[cm_tooltip_parse]Explains what is a clinical trial and what to expect if you participate in research.  It provides information on:
  1. Clinical Trial overview
  2. Risks And Benefits
  3. Finding A Clinical Trial
  4. Should I Join A Clinical Trial?
  5. Participating In Clinical Trials Videos
  6. A fun quiz on all things clinical trials
  7. Talking With Your Doctor

Clinical Trials for Older Adults

  • Source: NIA
  • Condition: All
  • Format: PDF
[cm_tooltip_parse]Information from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) on clinical trials for older adults.[/cm_tooltip_parse]

Participating in Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Alzheimer CT Factsheet
  • Source: ADEAR
  • Condition: Neuro, Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Format: PDF
[cm_tooltip_parse]Fact sheet on participating in Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trials and studies[/cm_tooltip_parse]
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